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The Village Barber

As it happens, being within a niche community such as the wet-shaving community, one finds all kinds of unique individuals.  These individuals often have great personalities and great ideas bearing fruit to all kinds of wonderful products. this is just the case with Iain Kane, The Village Barber.  From Durham, in the United Kingdom Iain has deevloped what I must say are two very impressive products for shaving.

The First being a Shaving Oil: containing many of my favorite essential oils including clove, sandalwood, myrrh, lavender, juniper berry, and frankincense just to name a few.  In my humble opinion this is a shaving oil that is the cream of the crop that makes the competition quiver in their boots with fear.  It provides an extremely slick surface to shave with and leaves the skin feeling well hydrated and smooth afterwards.

The Village barber Shaving Oil

The second product Mr. Kane provides is a after-shave balm: This balm is a medium weight containing the same essential oils I mentioned above, among others, and is wonderfully paraben free!

The Village Barber Post-shave balm

It was my pleasure to converse with Iain about his products and I was so impressed with them I bought them for our Shave Your Face store!  He was very kind and generous to provide us with two bottles, one of each product, to give away here on the blog!!  So here’s how to get your own bottle of Village Barber goodness:

1. follow us on Twitter @ShaveYourFaceCo

2. “Like” our Facebook fan page

3. Subscribe to our blog here for future posts and leave us a comment telling us you’ve subscribed!

That’s it folks, just follow two of these easy steps and you’ll be entered.  The winner will be picked the Monday before Christmas (12/19) and will be notified by e-mail of direct message.

Happy Shaving y’all!


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Shaving Oil: use it!

Oil has been used for thousands of years as a healing agent, softener, and moisturizer for our skin. Vegetable oils are very similar to our own oils that our skin produces to help protect our skin. How does this apply to us shaving folk? Well, these are properties that we search for when shaving our faces!

Many different oils have been used in shaving, including olive oil and “baby” oil. But why shave with oil? It provides a smooth and very slick surface that helps to heal razor burn and small nicks, plus helps keep the skin hydrated at the same time! Shaving oil can also be used as effective pre-shave oil under your lather. Adding another protective layer gives you an even more pleasurable shave experience. This may seem like a miracle product, and it should be!

Shaving oil products are very small in quantity and compact in size, making them ideal for the traveler. Usually supplied in one ounce, or half ounce, sized bottles, they are TSA compliant and can provide as many as 100 shaves with one bottle.

A high volume traveler or not, I highly recommend picking up a bottle. Here’s what to look for:

Choose a product that has light oil as its base. Go with a product that uses Sunflower Seed oil, Grape seed oil, Coconut, or Avocado oil. Olive oil is nice, but it can be heavy and people with combination or oily skin can have problems with it clogging pores.

Also look for a tight locking lid! There’s nothing like oil leaked all over your clothes and luggage to ruin a trip. Consider packing your product in a zip-lock sealing baggie.

Find a bottle with a small opening for dispensing, you only need a few drops per shave.

Using shaving oil is quite simple! Simply step out of the shower with your face still damp (not dripping!) dispense the recommended drops into the palm of your hand. Rub your hands together, then rub the oil into your beard area. If it feels a little dry or sticky, dip your finger into water and then repeat. Adding a little bit of water will “activate” and distribute the oil.

Here are a couple of shaving oils that I highly recommend:

  • King of Shaves Shave oil, Alpha Oil, Kinexium and Serums. Will King started the shave oil revolution back in 1993, and his brand has since become the third largest shaving product company in the world! You don’t get this big with crummy products! Well worth finding a bottle!
  • Pacific Shaving Company. A relatively new company that began in 2002, their shave oil is fantastic and has a pleasant light citrus scent! The rest of their products are top notch as well.

(Originally written for, as yet unpublished)

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Shaving Hack

Hey All!  I finally made a video!  I discovered this cool little trick today and thought it was worth sharing.  Almost wrote a post about it, but decided it was the good excuse I was looking for to d a video.  Hope you enjoy!




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ShaveWell Shower Mirror Review

Being active in the shaving community leads to many interesting encounters with all kinds of fascinating people.  Such was the instance a few weeks ago when I met Bill Vogel of the ShaveWell company.  Bill just happens to live here in my hometown, but we met messaging about shaving over on Twitter.  We met one morning over coffee and talked all things shaving and social media.  It was during this time he introduced me to his innovative product the ShaveWell shower mirror.  I love trying and testing new products so Bill gave me one to try in exchange for this review.  So here it is!

Let’s first take a look at this mirror:

This is one dandy little mirror, very clear surface and reflection, and just the right size to hang in the shower at roughly 4″ wide by 6″ tall.  The mirror hangs on a hook that attaches by an adhesive strip to the shower wall.  (If you buy one, make sure you measure out the height you need! I didn’t and thus mine hangs too low, causing me to squat a bit to be able to see.  However, this was completely user error!)

I love it when roducts do what they say, and this mirror does exactly that.  It is a true fog free mirror!  I’ve had a few before that never measured up, even following the added tips and tricks.  However  This mirror does what it says it will: provide a fog free shave!  The trick is conductive heat.  When ready to shave lift the mirror off it’s hook and hold it under the shower spray for about 10 seconds.  This transfers the heat of the water into the mirror, so no air will condense on the surface.  If it happens to fog up again during your shave (which never really happened with me at all) just repeat the process!  It’s as simple as that.  My only and minor complaint was that the protective film that came on the mirror was hard to pull off, but that is only small beans.

The ShaveWell mirror in our Shower


This mirror has been great to use, even though I normally shave outside the confines of the shower.  Should you be one of those gents that prefers an in shower shave I highly recommend this mirror to you.  You can order it direct from their website ShaveWell or coming soon to a drugstore near you!

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The Den

Now that I’ve been seriously wetshaving for about three years now I thought it about time to show you pictures of “The Shave Den”.  Thanks to our recent move I actually get some of my own space, it’s not totally mine, but it is close enough and works like a dream.  Most of these products should be pretty well known to most of my readers but since there’s an odd ball or two I’ll try to highlight them and let you know what they are.  If there is something I forget however, please ask away and I’ll do my best to find it and answer you.  Enjoy!

First Up is a picture of the medicine cabinet:

The Top shelf holds various samples, mostly Taylor of Old Bond Street and Benton Clay (which are hard to see because they’re laying down.)  The two containers in the top right are Kell’s Original Turkish Mocha and TheShaveDen’s Asian Lychee.  The other shelves are pretty self explanatory, the one slot that’s open on the colognes is for a bottle of Saint Charles Shave Bay Rum with a Twist, which had not been placed back yet after wearing.

Next up: Soaps and Creams

This picture is mostly current, but I added a few items tonight thanks to a local friend and member of Badger and Blade. What’s missing are pucks of Mama Bear’s Ice Lime, Beau Brummel, Ogallala Bay Rum, and a tub of Queen Charlotte Soaps Vetiver.  The silver tin contains Mitchell’s Wool Fat and the mysterious tub in the lower left contains Palmolive cream.

Last but not least: The Pre and Post products!

The only one that seems uncommon in the Queen chess piece in the upper right.  That’s a vintage bottle of Avon Oland aftershave.  It smells very similar to Tabac without as much tobacco flower, and a bit more woods.

That’s it for now!  Hope you guys had fun peeking into the den.  If you have any questions about the products you see (or don’t see!) please comment!

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