A companion to the website! Here we will bring you videos, articles, hints, tips and tricks to help improve you lifestyle and grooming habits.  All to help you feel smooth and gentlemanly!

Beginning in 2008, shaving guru Aaron Wolfenbarger began his journey into the near-forgotten world of shaving. Frequent razor burn from generic disposable safety razors left his skin itching for something better.

Discovering grooming pioneers like King C. Gillette, Colonel Jacob Schick, and Will King the American spirit of resourcefulness was alive again. Bringing practical ingenuity into daily life inspired Aaron to apply sensible solutions to daily toiletry. Committing to bringing yesterday’s tools into today’s bathroom, Shave Your Face was born.

Offering distinctive tools and practical solutions for your unique needs, Shave Your Face is not only eco-friendly and individualistic, but is budget-friendly as well. Providing classic vintage supplies and modern wares meant to be used in your every day grooming, Shave Your Face is truly cutting edge.


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