Keeping Things Cool: BallaPowder review

15 Jun

As I mentioned in the previous post, Twitter has opened up lots of contacts for us @ Shave Your Face.  We First encountered Peter at The Metro Man as a fellow vendor.  Through interacting and following their Thread, we were excited to see The Metro Man launch their own product BallaPowder.  As might be deduced from the name BallaPowder is a Men’s body powder especially designed for “down there”.  Of course the powder can be used on other areas as well that might suffer from wetness; i.e. the lower back and feet.

Peter was kind enough to send me a canister of BallaPowder to try and I must say I’m thoroughly impressed.

Peter must know me well, because i like the tingle of menthol especially since I live in the South.  The bottle of powder he sent is the tingle formula.  there are also regular scented and fragrance free options as well.  The scent is a nice, light citrus and barbershop/masculine scent.  The Canister (pictured above) has a twist open top with holes reminiscent of other powder bottles, but believe me this is no ordinary powder.  They use fine talc, and you can definitely feel the difference if you’ve used regular or baby powder products.  The talc creates an ultra smooth feeling, and requires less product to get the same effect.  As to the tingle feeling, it depends on the wetness you generate.  The more sweat, etc, the more the tingle.  Watch out if you put this stuff on after a shower, it’ll feel like you stepped outside into a waist deep snow drift with a kilt on!  (well, go ahead if you like that kind of thing!)

I really enjoyed getting to use, and continuing to use Ballpowder.  It’s a nice piece of luxury that I’m not sure I would have ventured out and bought for myself.  It’s a great luxury powder and you and your fellas will thank you for investing in it!



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