ShaveWell Shower Mirror Review

13 Jun

Being active in the shaving community leads to many interesting encounters with all kinds of fascinating people.  Such was the instance a few weeks ago when I met Bill Vogel of the ShaveWell company.  Bill just happens to live here in my hometown, but we met messaging about shaving over on Twitter.  We met one morning over coffee and talked all things shaving and social media.  It was during this time he introduced me to his innovative product the ShaveWell shower mirror.  I love trying and testing new products so Bill gave me one to try in exchange for this review.  So here it is!

Let’s first take a look at this mirror:

This is one dandy little mirror, very clear surface and reflection, and just the right size to hang in the shower at roughly 4″ wide by 6″ tall.  The mirror hangs on a hook that attaches by an adhesive strip to the shower wall.  (If you buy one, make sure you measure out the height you need! I didn’t and thus mine hangs too low, causing me to squat a bit to be able to see.  However, this was completely user error!)

I love it when roducts do what they say, and this mirror does exactly that.  It is a true fog free mirror!  I’ve had a few before that never measured up, even following the added tips and tricks.  However  This mirror does what it says it will: provide a fog free shave!  The trick is conductive heat.  When ready to shave lift the mirror off it’s hook and hold it under the shower spray for about 10 seconds.  This transfers the heat of the water into the mirror, so no air will condense on the surface.  If it happens to fog up again during your shave (which never really happened with me at all) just repeat the process!  It’s as simple as that.  My only and minor complaint was that the protective film that came on the mirror was hard to pull off, but that is only small beans.

The ShaveWell mirror in our Shower


This mirror has been great to use, even though I normally shave outside the confines of the shower.  Should you be one of those gents that prefers an in shower shave I highly recommend this mirror to you.  You can order it direct from their website ShaveWell or coming soon to a drugstore near you!

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