Wet Shaving 101:Part 3

21 Feb

Wet Shaving 101: Part 3

Wet Shaving 101: Part 3

Welcome Back again to our last installment of Wet Shaving 101!  We have been through Step 1: Prep and Step 2: Shave in previous weeks, now for the Step 3: Defend!

Now that shaving is finished it’s time to rinse off whatever lather and loose stubble might still be around. But WAIT! Stop right there, make sure this happens in two steps!  First a warm water rinse, and then a cold water rinse.  If the cold-water rinse is first, you close up your pores with the remaining shave residue still on your face.  This would almost certainly cause irritation if not acne and other problems.  So to avoid those problems rinse first with warm water, and then rinse with cold water.  The warm water safely rinsing away stubble and lather residue, and the cold closing your pores and firming up the skin.

Once rinsed, pat (don’t rub!) the face dry with a towel and apply aftershave.  There is some debate as to what aftershave is best, but the general consensus is since your facial skin has just been exfoliated and the top epidermis layer possibly irritated from the blade that an aftershave balm is the best.  The balm will cool, soften, calm, refresh and restore the freshly shaven face helping it to feel the best it possibly can.  The balm will also help close the pores and protect your face against sun damage, dirt, and microorganisms, hence the Defend theme to this step.

Thankfully more and more manufacturers have been making aftershave balms so the chance of your favorite aftershave being in a balm is high!  Many producers of wet shaving products such as The Art of Shaving, Proraso (also known as C.O. Bigelow in the US) the three big T’s (Trumper’s, Taylor of Old Bond Street, Truefitt & Hill) all make aftershave balms that match their product scent lines.  You would be happy with any of these products.

Thank you for reading the Wet Shaving 101 series!  I hope you have enjoyed it and have been inspired to take the journey into this wonderful and healthier way of shaving.  Until next time, Happy Shaving!

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