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Hey All,

Well, as it has become obvious, the blog went on hiatus for a while.  I started working two jobs, and began to also build a business in the financial services industry, which has taken significant amounts of time and energy.  So things had to go down for a while.  However, tomorrow marks the last day at one job, so I can concentrate more on the business, family, and doing what I enjoy, including this blog.  So in my efforts to regain control here I noticed the old twitter app is going out.  There’s a couple of fixes, one I embedded in this post, the other is on the sidebar.  I like the sidebar better but wanted to see what both looked like.

So here’s to more regular posts, and exciting content! Have some good stuff lined up for the next few weeks, and I hope you are looking forward to it as much as I am.




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Hey all, here’s today’s Shave of the Day.  I dropped a tube of Speick cream which ended up breaking the plastic lid, so it ended up squeezed out into the tin you see here.  It was a good thing, because the metal squeeze tube was getting small holes in the sides anyway.


Merkur Futur with Feather Blade

Grooming Lounge face wash (not pictured)

Kent BK4 badger brush

total Shaving Solution oil (used as pre-shave)

Speick cream (in a tin)

Speick aftershave lotion/splash


Enjoy the day!

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Today is the 7 Year Anniversary for the Mrs. and Myself, so we’re headed out for the day, but here’s today’s shave!


Merkur Futur with a Barber Personna blade (a day too long, was a little dull)

Kent BK4 pure badger brush

Pacific Shaving wash & scrub

Al’s Shaving “The Bomb”  Citrus Medley cream

Taylor of Old Bond Street Victorian Limes splash


Have fun and smooth shaving!


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Mother’s Day Shave

It was a quiet day here at SYF.  The Mrs. had a wonderfully long nap while I and the boy played games, made Mother’s Day cards, and watched Avatar: The Last Airbender.  We finished the evening with a spring salad, Italian sausage, and brown rice made with herbed chicken stock.  The Mrs. also got a a neck/back/foot massage, I think she really got a good deal out of the day! =)  In any case, here’s today’s Mother’s Day Shave.


Merkur Futur with Barber Personna blade

Fuller finest badger brush restoration

the famous phoenix Coates Limited Edition Tea Tree & Rosemary cream

eShave White Tea after-shave cream/balm

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today’s shave

Hey Everyone, thought I’d share today’s shave with you all since I took a picture of it.


Here’s the rundown:

Merkur Futur with a Barber Personna blade (use #2)

Kent BK4 brush

Taylor of Old Bond Street Herbal Pre-Shave gel

Tabac soap stick

Tabac aftershave splash


not pictured are:

Pacific Shaving wash & scrub

Shave Well shower mirror

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Ever-Ready 200 Restoration

One of the services I offer over on ShaveYourFace is the restoration of old shaving brushes.  The process is relatively simple: Removing the old hair by various means (sometimes the old hair knot just pops right out, which is most convenient but doesn’t happen very often); drilling out the old glue which is usually epoxy but sometimes other materials; and then installation of the new hair knot  (knots can be provided by customer or us).  I was recently asked to do this for a customer and he was gracious enough to let me post about the restoration and he also provided some before and after picture.

Before any work. Note the worn out bristles.

Some details about this restoration:  I had been having a lot of trouble with drilling out old epoxy.  The bits I had been using in the rotary tool kept getting dull very quickly, would jump out of the handle damaging it or sometimes rendering it useless.  While not so bad a loss on your own, it would be killer on a customer’s handle.  So I went by the local Woodcraft store, picked up a set of diamond coated bits and MAN they made the biggest difference ever.  They are so much easier to use and control, plus they were a whole lot faster at drilling out the epoxy. Wish I had purchased them a lot sooner.

Another thing for this brush is that the customer had provided a larger knot for installation than the original hole.  After some creative thinking I took some sandpaper and a dowel rod to the opening and this worked especially well. My main concern was getting the opening uneven and egg shaped, I think the dowel rod helped prevent this.  The process opened up the hole in no time and it came out very even and smooth.

After the restoration. Refurbished with a Golden Nib 24mm finest badger hair knot set at 50mm.

Overall I was really pleased with how the brush came out, and so was the customer!  The process taught me a lot about modifying the original handle and I look forward to doing many more.  If you have a brush you would like restored or would like to see our current inventory of brush handles to be restored send an e-mail to and I’d be happy to work with you!

Now that's a happy shaving brush! Lathered up and ready to go!

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The Village Barber

As it happens, being within a niche community such as the wet-shaving community, one finds all kinds of unique individuals.  These individuals often have great personalities and great ideas bearing fruit to all kinds of wonderful products. this is just the case with Iain Kane, The Village Barber.  From Durham, in the United Kingdom Iain has deevloped what I must say are two very impressive products for shaving.

The First being a Shaving Oil: containing many of my favorite essential oils including clove, sandalwood, myrrh, lavender, juniper berry, and frankincense just to name a few.  In my humble opinion this is a shaving oil that is the cream of the crop that makes the competition quiver in their boots with fear.  It provides an extremely slick surface to shave with and leaves the skin feeling well hydrated and smooth afterwards.

The Village barber Shaving Oil

The second product Mr. Kane provides is a after-shave balm: This balm is a medium weight containing the same essential oils I mentioned above, among others, and is wonderfully paraben free!

The Village Barber Post-shave balm

It was my pleasure to converse with Iain about his products and I was so impressed with them I bought them for our Shave Your Face store!  He was very kind and generous to provide us with two bottles, one of each product, to give away here on the blog!!  So here’s how to get your own bottle of Village Barber goodness:

1. follow us on Twitter @ShaveYourFaceCo

2. “Like” our Facebook fan page

3. Subscribe to our blog here for future posts and leave us a comment telling us you’ve subscribed!

That’s it folks, just follow two of these easy steps and you’ll be entered.  The winner will be picked the Monday before Christmas (12/19) and will be notified by e-mail of direct message.

Happy Shaving y’all!


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